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QA in the Third Mission  

QA in the Third Mission is promoted by the Department's Third-Mission Committee (C3M), chaired by the Deputy Head for the Third Mission. C3M is a working group that promotes the Department's Third Mission, communication and dissemination activities, fostering improvement and monitoring effectiveness. The Committee is established by resolution of the Department Board and is made up of 8 members: 4 faculty members, 2 technical and administrative staff members and 2 student representatives.

Third-Mission Committee Members

The Committee members are appointed by the Department Board on the proposal of the Department Head, with a view to gender and functional representation.
The Third-Mission Committee promotes and monitors dissemination activities.

Third-Mission QA policies
Our Department has adopted Third-Mission QA policy guidelines.
The documents produced by C3M and approved by the Department Board so far are the following:

 Communication Guidelines
 Minutes and Annual Reports

 3M Monitoring

 2015-2019 Monitoring Report

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