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QA in Teaching  

The systems of     Quality Assurance (AQ) in Teaching      operate on two different levels:
1) The Department monitors the progress of the degree programmes, acting as their main or associate department and administrative manager.

QA in Teaching is promoted by the Department's Teaching Committee, chaired by the Deputy Head for Teaching.

The Teaching Committee is a temporary working group in charge of monitoring the progress of the degree programmes for which the Department is responsible. It deals with any common issues requiring department-wide action, promotes improvement and monitors effectiveness.

Teaching Committee Members
2) The faculty members in charge of QA at the degree-programme level take action to improve the quality of teaching and for the accreditation of study programmes. For more information on the functions of the faculty members in charge of QA, visit the teaching QA page on the University website.

The Department is the main department for the degree programme in:

QA delegate: Prof. Paola Signorelli
e-mail: medicinasanpaolo.referenteAQ@unimi.it

The Department is the associate department and administrative manager for the following degree programmes:

QA delegate: Dr. Anita Ferraretto
e-mail: dietistica.referenteAQ@unimi.it
QA delegate: Dr. Rossella Pagani
e-mail: fisioterapia.referenteAQ@unimi.it
Health Professions of Technical Sciences (diagnostic)
QA delegate: Prof. Emanuela Rita Galliera
e-mail: tecnichediagnostiche.referenteAQ@unimi.it
Neurophysiopathology Techniques   
QA delegate: Dr. Tommaso Bocci
e-mail: neurofisiopatologia.referenteAQ@unimi.it
Occupational Therapy   
QA delegate: Prof. Claudio Colosio
e-mail: terapiaoccupazionale.referenteAQ@unimi.it

The Department is the associate department on interdepartmental academic boards for the following degree programmes:
Health Assistance   
QA delegate: Prof. Sandro Binda
e-mail: assistenzasanitaria.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Professional Education   
QA delegate: Dr. Alessandra Osti
e-mail: assistenzasanitaria.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Dental Hygiene   
QA delegate: Prof. Giovanni Lodi
e-mail: igienedentale.referenteAQ@unimi.it

QA delegate: Prof. Maura Lusignani
e-mail: igienedentale.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Pediatric Nursing   
QA delegate: Prof. Monica Fumagalli
e-mail: igienedentale.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Speech and Language Therapy   
QA delegate: Prof. Claudia Moscheni
e-mail: igienedentale.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Dental Medicine    
QA delegate: Prof. Eugenio Brambilla
e-mail: igienedentale.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Orthoptic and Ophtalmologic Assistance   
QA delegate: Prof. Edoardo Villani
e-mail: igienedentale.referenteAQ@unimi.it

QA delegate: Dr. Ornella Marelli
e-mail: ostetricia.referenteAQ@unimi.it

QA delegate: Prof. Matteo Parrini
e-mail: ostetricia.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Health Professions of Prevention Sciences   
QA delegate: Prof. Paolo Carrer
e-mail: prevenzione.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Nursing and Midwifery Sciences   
QA delegate: Dr. Edward Callus
e-mail: clmsio.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Health Professions of Rehabilitation Sciences   
QA delegate: Dr. Giuseppina Bernardelli
e-mail: scienzeriabilitative.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Techniques   
QA delegate: Dr. Caterina Viganò
e-mail: riabilitazionepsichiatrica.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Audiometric Techniques   
QA delegate: Prof. Anna Silvia Pistocchi
e-mail: tecaudio.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Audioprosthetic Techniques   
QA delegate: Prof. Anna Silvia Pistocchi
e-mail: tecaudio.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Environment and Workplace Prevention Techniques
QA delegate: Dr. Marina Tesauro
e-mail: tpall.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Cardiocirculatory and Cardiovascular Perfusion Techniques
QA delegate: Prof. Giulio Pompilio
e-mail: fisiopatologiacardiocirc.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Biomedical Laboratory Techniques   
QA delegate: Prof. Giuliano Zanchetta
e-mail: laboratoriobiomedico.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Imaging and Radiotherapy Techniques
QA delegate: Prof. Giuseppe Petralia
e-mail: radiologia.referenteaq@unimi.it

Orthopaedics Techniques   
QA delegate: Prof. Costantino Corradini
e-mail: tecnicheortopediche.referenteAQ@unimi.it

Childhood neuro and psycomotricity   
QA delegate: Prof. Mario Carmine Emiliano Rosanova
e-mail: tnpee.referenteAQ@unimi.it


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