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This page contains documents and data allowing all stakeholders, first and foremost students and Department staff, to understand, monitor, evaluate and participate in quality and continuous improvement policies as implemented by the Department of Health Sciences and its study programmes.

The Department's QA function:

  • Steers the internal quality process and ensures implementation of the quality policy as outlined by the University's governing bodies and Quality Assurance Board (52https://www.unimi.it/it/node/1). It liaises with and supports the QA Board in supervision and monitoring activities, as well as data collection at Department level; 
  • Monitors research quality improvement processes, which include all activities aimed at making internal monitoring, research assessment and resource distribution transparent;
  • Monitors the quality improvement processes related to the Third Mission;
  • Provides support with Annual Data Sheets for Department Research (SUA_RD) and for Third-Mission and Social Impact (SUA_TM/IS), Research Quality Assessment (VQR), and departmental three-year plans. It reports to the QA Board on any critical issues found in the implementation of the QA system;
  • Works in close contact with the Department Head and with research, teaching and Third-Mission committees.

The Department has outlined a monitoring plan for its activities (i.e. teaching, research and the Third Mission). The teaching, research and Third-Mission committees meet regularly to monitor departmental activities, and the minutes of the meetings are uploaded to UniRe. A departmental QA meeting is held every six months for departmental committee delegates to present the findings of their monitoring activities. These findings are then analysed and discussed taking into account three-year plan's goals and actions. The outcomes of the meeting are presented to the Department Board for wider discussion. The minutes of the QA meetings are uploaded to the Department's intranet.

 Department QA Board Minutes and Documents  

Department QA Delegate:    Prof. Silvia Maria Sirchia     e-mail:    aq.diss@unimi.it  
Department QA group: QA delegate supported by two faculty members, Prof. Angelo Del Sole and Elena Lesma.

QA Players

• QA in Research
• QA in the Third Mission
• QA in Teaching
• Teaching Staff-Student Joint Committees
Between 8 and 12 March 2021, ANVUR will carry out a periodic accreditation visit to assess Quality Assurance procedures in place at our University and in individual departments.

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